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10 Best places to visit in Bangladesh you shouldn't miss

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the least tourist destination in the world according to the World Bank. It is a beautiful country in South Asia neighboring taking into account India and Myanmar. Tourism is yet to fabricate in this country. For that gloss, there is no tourism similar scam here, and people generally amazed to see tourists, especially in the rural areas outside Dhaka. People usual foreigners and attempt to back them in any habit attainable. Tourist sites are not overcrowded here nevertheless. In fact, you'll locate very few tourists here during your visit. That is why it is best to grow early to travel to Bangladesh. Here you will locate a list of 10 best places to visit in Bangladesh which you should not miss.

1. Cox's Bazar

Private resort Cox's Bazar(Best manpower and travel agency in Rajshahi)

Cox's Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world, 125 km in length. It is the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. Perfect place to relax at the decline of a long vacation. To avoid the crowd, stay regarding a resort as soon as their own private beach. The wholesale fish assign advance to Cox's Bazar would be an enthralling place to visit while you are there.

2. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest(Best manpower and travel agency in Rajshahi)

Sundarban is the largest mangrove reforest not in the estrange and wide off from earth and a UNESCO world lineage site. Sundarbans is located in the midst of two closely countries- Bangladesh and India. The majority of the tree-tree-plant is located in Bangladesh. It is home of the last surviving Bengal Tigers in the world and much auxiliary wildlife. The setting of Sundarbans is tranquilizing and visiting the forest could be following in a lifetime experience.

3. Srimangal

Tea Plantation of Srimangal(Best manpower and travel agency in Rajshahi)

Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh, located in the north-eastern ration of the country. You'll locate lush green tea gardens anywhere you go here. This is one of the few places in the country where if you see on, you may not locate any new people anywhere except you. An in reality approachable and relieve place. Cycling through the trails inside the tea plantations here could be one of the best things you can buy in Bangladesh. Also worth visiting the Lawachhara National Park, and trek to Hamham waterfalls. You can easily spend a few days here when flora and fauna.

4. Rangamati

Beautiful Lake of Kaptai

Set surrounded by the pretty Chittagong Hill Tracts is the gorgeous mountain town of Rangamati which is a serene and peaceful interchange to many of Bangladesh's troubled cities. The town sits in the report to the banks of Kaptai Lake which is known for its blue and green waters as expertly as the woodlands that surround it. Small, colorfully painted boats bob on the subject of the surface of the lake and if you are fortunate later you may see an Asian elephant strolled along the riverbank. The main glamor here is the hiking and wildlife excursions as adeptly as the golden statue of Buddha Dhatu Jadi. Other peak spots to visit along with anchor the Parjatan Hanging Bridge and the regal palaces of the very old Chakma Raj.

5. Bandarban

Nilgiri Bandarban

Surrounded by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that rise to approach 1,000 meters above sea level is the startling town of Bandaran. The place is covered in misty green and is quarters to tobacco farms and hilltop lookouts and there is plus a liven up bazaar where you will locate arts and crafts from the Shan tribes from Myanmar across the partner. Other reasons to arrive here append lazy bamboo ship rides along the majestic River Sangu as nimbly as the sealed Nilgiri Hill and the crashing waters of the Jadipai Waterfall.

6. Saint Martin

Saint Martin Bangladesh

The tiny enclave of Saint Martin is behind nowhere else in Bangladesh as this is the unaccompanied coral island in the country. The region is covered in changing sands and lapping seas, all nestled close to coconut groves. In many ways, it looks later the Caribbean than South Asia, and you will believe to be lovable seafood here including fiery curries. Scuba diving is plus popular goings-on, consequently, if you ache to check out some of the country's amazing aquatic cartoon also this is the place to get it.

7. Paharpur

Paharpur(Best manpower and travel agency in Rajshahi)

Paharpur is a pint-sized town that is most swiftly known for the Naogaon District where you will arbitrate UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins called Somapura Mahavihara. This spot is said to be one of the most engaging Buddhist archeological sites in South Asia and takes the form of a large redbrick quadrangle which is bisected as soon as alleys and chambers that would have been meditation rooms in days of archaic. Make sure to check out the ornate stonework which dates guidance to the 8th century.

8. Kuakata


Kuakata Beach juts out into the Indian Ocean from the southern side of the river islands of central Bangladesh. One of the loud reasons into the future here is to watch the sunset once again the sea considering the radiant Sundarbans in the remove from. The beach is fringed following tropical palm trees and you will plus regard as instinctive little rivers that graze through the flaming to the Bay of Bengal. This area of Bangladesh is less visited by tourists thus if you are looking for the road less traveled subsequently this is an amenable spot to pick. Some of the people you will see here are the local fisherman and you can sample delicious curried crab and lobster.

9. Bagerhat

Shat Gombuj Mosque Bagerhat

Bagerhat is not as nimbly-known as Dhaka or Srimangal but this peaceful city in the southwest of the country has an array of historic attractions that you can enjoy at a slower pace. The city was founded in the 15th century by the Sufi Saint Khan Jahan Ali and it is the home of the Shat Gombuj Mosque. Here you will find towering domes and you can furthermore bow to a vacation to the tomb of Saint Khan Jahan Ali which is usually covered as soon as offerings and amid chanting pilgrims.

10. River City Barisal


If you were to see at Barisal from above in addition to it would resemble a patchwork of muddy brown and deep green fields. This river town upon the Ganges Delta is covered in fields of shrimp farms and rice paddies and if you make it here later be certain to check out the loose markets that sell local vegetables, fruits, and seafood.

Top 10 Best Hotels to Stay in Bangladesh

Best 10 Hotels to Stay in Bangladesh 

 Best manpower and travel agency in Rajshahi

With the passageway of the period, Bangladesh has made allowable efforts in developing the tourism industry. The growing number of hotels in Dhaka and all on the summit of Bangladesh appears as evidence of the collective of the tourism industry. Though the metropolitan areas hug most of the star class luxurious hotels; the urban terrains too are not far afield away astern.

Here are the top ten best hotels in Bangladesh:

1. Pan Pacific Sonargaon:

Ideally located in the center of the city of Dhaka, Pan Pacific is not without help one of the best hotels in Dhaka but in amassed of Bangladesh. Not only is it close to the diplomatic zone of the country, but plus it is very oppressive to the Motiheel Commercial Area. Also, the nimbly known tallying going on going on locality known as Gulshan is not far from Pan Pacific Sonargaon. They encourage and hospitality of the hotel is traditionally world-class.

2. The Peninsula Chittagong:

Rendering holistic rejuvenation and recreation to the exhausted businessman, the Peninsula Chittagong is located in the heart of Chittagong, the financial capital of Bangladesh. Surrounded considering exotically glamorous hills and greenery, it proves to be one of the best places to lull the people fatigued logically and physically. In confluence behind the western trends, the hospitality of The Peninsula Chittagong attracts domestic and foreign tourists in an equal vent.

3. Radisson Water Garden Hotel Dhaka:

Situated near Hazarat Shahjalal International Airport, Radisson Water Garden Hotel is known as one of the luxurious and most admired hotels in Bangladesh.
Not by yourself its amenities and elegant facilities irresistibly fascinate the tourists, but as well as its posh locality adds to its charms. Gulshan is an aristocrat zone in Dhaka and the hotel lies adjoining it. Amalgamating the Bengali cultural-be adjoining by now the aficionado means and ways of hospitality industry, Radisson Water Garden Hotel appears to be an epitome of hospitality.

4. Ruposhi Bangla Hotel:

Attracting a great number of foreign tourists, Ruposhi Bangla Hotel is known as the first five star hotels in Bangladesh.

Earlier it was known as Dhaka Sheraton. It is located in a grand locality and unventilated to the office of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Its restaurant is one together in addition to the best restaurants in the collective Bangladesh. For Bengali cuisine lovers, it is one of the best and hottest spots. The cuisines from across the world are very available in all seasons but it is more ably-known for Bengali delicacies. The residential relief is a hallmark of Ruposhi Bangla.

5. Dhaka Regency Hotel:

Comprising two hundred and fourteen rooms, Dhaka Regency Hotel is located in such a place that it offers revitalizing experience to both leisure lovers and businessmen. Embellished subsequently than the campaigner technology along surrounded by internet and feel conditioning etc, it embraces many more facilities together amid nightclub, 247 room promote, spa, gym, meeting facilities, and restaurant.

6. Seagull Hotel, Coxs Bazar:

There are enormously few hotels across the world subsequent to the knack of a private sea beach later than, Seagul Hotel. The tourists pleasing to stay at Cox's Bazar cannot afford to make the error of not opting for this hotel abandoned if they are unaware of its world-class hospitality facilities and amenities. There are no loan five-star hotels in Cox's Bazar except Seagull Hotel, and the natural admiration in the surroundings make it an area to be imagined only in fairy tales.

7. Best Western La Vinci Hotel:

Though a three-star property, Best Western La Vinci Hotel leaves no stone unturned in serving the guests to their full satisfaction. Established by a joint venture of Bangladesh and Italy, it is very popular and is deeply appreciated by the tourists for its architectural magnificence. Located in a skillfully-liked matter area named Karwan Bazar, it is at the isolate of not quite fourteen kilometers from Hazarat Shahjalal International Airport.

8. Rose View Hotel Sylhet:

Sylhet is the Beauty Queen of Bangladesh and Rose View Hotel, Sylhet is situated in the lap of this Beauty Queen. It is said that this hotel is the Prince of Sylhet. The amenities and the sociable hospitality in the hotel are of course one of the various attractions, but what in tote going on escalates its values is the aye catching and soothing surroundings here. The surroundings here pay for abundant natural power in the form of birds, and it is in credit to heaven for the admirers of nature and natural beauty.

9. Six Seasons Hotel:

The posh locality of Gulshan in Dhaka is one of the most frequently visited places in Bangladesh and Six Seasons Hotel is located in this prime location. Designed to render maximum comfort and relaxation to the guests, it caters to the needs of each and every one types of tourists. Appareled once car parking, business center, 247 room service, meeting facilities, and coffee shop, it is an ideal hotel for both domestic and foreign tourists.

10. Hotel Sarina Dhaka:

Located at Banani, Dhaka, Hotel Sarina Dhaka is a popular area to stay for shape travelers. Laden when than high promptness internet, setting-conditioning, safe, matter center, parking, restaurant, non-smoking rooms, spa, and wellness center, it renders the high satisfying enough and world-class facilities and amenities to the guests.

So this is my pick of Top 10 Best Hotels to Stay in Bangladesh. Let me know in the comment below what are your's choice.

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